Cloth Hall, Belfry - In Flanders Fields Museum

The Cloth Hall was built next to the Ieperlee, which was navigable at that time, but is now vaulted. About 1260 the construction of the belfry and east wing began. The west and side wing were built in 1286. In 1304 the building was completed.

During the First World War it was completely destroyed, except for the lower portion of the belfry and a few pieces of wall of the west wing.

The front building is 125 m. long and in the middle the belfry tower rises 70 m. high. The present spire with its helmet and dragon (1692) is an exact copy of the pre-war spire.

The first floor can be visited via the In Flanders Fields Museum.

Menin Gate

The famous British war memorial of the First World War and by far the most important edifice in Ieper to the British visitor. Designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. The names of 54.896 missing soldiers are engraved on its walls. The Last Post is sounded every evening at 8 p.m.

Ramparts and Casemates

The city has been surrounded by ramparts since the Middle Ages. The present rampart structure is the work of the French fortress expert Vauban who was given an assignment by the French Sun King Louis XIV in 1678.

The ramparts were built from 1100 onwards. First a clay wall with fortified gates, then with moats, walls, corner towers and underground vaults. Later on, the bastion system was adapted.

From 1853 the rampart complex was partly dismantled. About 1870, magnificent walking parks were built on the 9 metre high verges.

In the First World War, the arches withstood the fiercest shelling. In the covered halls, corridors and bunkers, there was provision for sleeping quarters, headquarters, hospitals,... These underground buildings are accessible via guided tours.


As a reminder of the Great War in our land, you can visit the numerous monuments, memorials, cemeteries and original trenches around the town of Ieper, well ­ worth your visit.

Learn everything about the Great War in the museums like the Memorial museum in Passchendaele, Talbot House in Poperinge, Hooghe Crater Museum and the Museum Hill 62 in Zillebeke..

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As you can see, there is a lot to visit and see in Ieper and the surrounding, please visit the website .

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